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121 Tuition

The beauty of the 1-2-1 tuition is that we tackle the subjects that you most need info on, and you are given as much support and teaching as you need. The thing is, it varies from person to person, so they become totally modelled on you and what you want. Obviously, we start with the basics - you can't run before you can walk - but from there we go off along any tangent that suits you. As to how many sessions you have again is totally down to you, as is their scheduling. It is all built around your needs.

For a two hour session I charge £40 and if you wanted longer, for every hour after that it increases only by £15, so a three hour session would be £55, a four hour £70, etc. Hope this make sense. Remember that, unlike the more formal workshops, these one to one sessions are tailored exclusively around you, so we deal with the topics you want to explore, at the pace and frequency you want to learn at. You can very each session to suit yourself – you may only require a couple of hours one session, and more on a subsequent one, depending on your availability, finances, and subject matter.

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