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Relationship Compatibility Analyses

My astrological relationship analysis utilises the time honoured astrological ‘synastry technique’ of studying the interactions between two charts, combined with up-to-date techniques that creates a third chart: a chart of the relationship itself! I can also use, especially if one of the parties birth time is not known, a first meeting (or first date) chart, which can help enormously in the findings.

From two peoples birth charts I can determine:

  • How a relationship is likely to develop
  • Why it has hit a low point
  • What success rate a relationship has
  • Its durability - or lack of

The analysis is of course highly pertinent for new or potential relationships. For example, some couples are ideally matched to have a fun romance but the relationship would falter once they attempted a more serious approach. Likewise, established relationships can be put under the spotlight. You will be amazed at the revelations!

How are they done?

Relationship readings are conducted in person, or recorded and emailed to you. In all cases, all charts are included.

What are the prices?

  • In person £50
  • Recorded and emailed (not there in person) £50
  • Written analysis (fully comprehensive) £60
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