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Party Bookings

Get together with your family/friends/like-minded people and have an astrological party! I usually open with a brief introductory talk on the merits of astrology, then each person has their own private reading. The number of people per party is dependent on time available – each person needs a minimum of half an hour. All the readings are recorded on CD with charts.

People can choose the topics in their reading but for first timers it is essential to have an overview analysis of their birth chart.

Other topics include:

  • Forecasts
  • Specific events
  • Relationship Analysis
  • These parties are designed to provide whatever the individual requires.

    How are they done?

    The party host arranges the actual people attending, the date and time, etc. for the party to be held at their home. I attend and provide my services as described above. Remember, these are meant to be fun sessions, despite the seriousness of the readings.

    What are the prices?

    Depending on locality, I may have to charge travelling expenses. The actual readings are at reduced rates, to be detailed at the time of arranging the party.

    Astrological Talks

    These talks are designed for groups and societies and are very light hearted, amusing, and non-technical. They are designed to take you beyond the scope of newspaper horoscopes and introduce you into proper astrology.

    How are they done?

    Using a presentation as a visual aid, talks last 45 – 60 minutes.

    What are the prices?

    Prices are £40 + travel costs.

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