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Personal Astrological Forecasts

Astrology is the perfect tool for planning ahead, and bringing to your attention what life themes are prevalent at any particular time. All this information is derived from your birth chart which is then brought up to date to give you an overview of your current life path – an astrological forecast.

From your forecast you can determine:

  • Whether or not it is a good time to make changes, advance in your vocation, etc.
  • The current expected situation with matters of the heart.
  • Financial matters.
  • Home life, starting a family, etc.
  • Specific topics that are causing you concern.
  • Events that have already taken place or are due to can be analysed.
  • Plus a general overview of the current period, and how each planet leaves its individual mark on you right now. Your current potential.

You will receive:

  • A recording of the forecast that also includes all charts relevant to the reading.
  • How are they done?

    Astrological forecasts can either be done in person by booking a reading at my home, or they can be recorded and emailed to you. The method I usually use in preparing a forecast is the solar return technique, which involves casting a one year chart on your birthday which gives a year ahead forecast up to your next birthday.

    A birth chart reveals your overall potential for life, but it does not time anything. A solar chart reveals the same potential but concentrating on the current period.

    Please note that although these charts technically span from birthday to birthday, there is an overlap of a few weeks at both ends, or even months in some situations. A solar return chart captures the planetary transits that are around at the time, and some of these are very long lived and will carry on well beyond the current solar return period.

    What are the prices?

    • in person £40 basic
    • recorded and emailed (not present at the reading) £40 basic
    • Basic includes birth chart overview (for first reading) and immediate future, £50 for relationship and/or other specific topics

    SPECIAL DEAL: save £10 when purchasing a written birth chart profile together with a recording of your year ahead.

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