Self Help Astrology


My approach is to offer totally personalised one to one readings/reports. Your birth chart is unique to you because you are unique. I provide these services from my home near Boston, Lincolnshire; via the Internet and as posted reports or recordings.

  • Birth Chart Character Profiles

    Birth Chart Character Profiles

    Find out what makes you tick, as detailed by your astrological makeup...

  • Astrological Relationship Analyses

    Astrological Relationship Analyses

    Explore relationships with the time honored Synastry technique...

  • Personal Astrological Forecasts

    Personal Astrological Forecast

    Get an overview of your current life path and potential...

  • Astrological Workshops

    Astrological Workshop

    Start an amazing journey of discovery and education in Astrology...

  • Talks and Parties

    Astrological Talk

    Discover and enjoy Astrology with friends and likeminded people...

  • Individual, Personal Astrology Tuition

    Individual, Personal Astrology Tuition

    Individual, Personal Astrology Tuition

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