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You will be amazed at the ground we can cover on your journey into the wonderful world of astrology. If it is your first time, we need to first uncover the basics of your birth chart, as this is the foundation for everything else – this is an amazing experience in itself! Once you have discovered the basics, you can move on to having astrological forecasts and more. If you have a specific topic of concern, in particular a relationship issue that you are concerned about, we can spend time looking into how astrology can help you with these issues too. The choice is yours.

At an event, the half-hour analysis/forecast is recorded and posted to you afterwards, so that you can keep the reading forever. The CD contains the half-hour recording along with all astrology charts that we looked at, so you can listen to the reading again and use the charts to help you understand how astrology works.

There is a set price of £35 for the services at the events. Each event timeslot lasts 30 minutes.


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