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Saturn finally goes direct

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Since 29-9-20 Saturn finally turned direct again, a massive blessing to many people. The effects of retrograde planets, Mercury in particular, are well known amongst astrology minded people, in as much that they are renowned for piling on the negative impact of the planet's energies and generally acting in a very restrictive mode. Restriction of course is very much a key Saturn word, so that is where the impact has largely been felt - being held back or limited in whatever it is you want to move forwards with, and massive frustrations throughout it all. That should now lift off, easing the way forward and allowing us much more of an unrestricted access to our daily lives and what we want ta achieve from them. Not everyone has been affected, and there are some, depending on the Saturn placement in their birth charts and the other transits Saturn has been making to their charts, that will have felt the positive effects of Saturn (commitment, responsibility, solid achievement), but by and large, of all the planets this is the one that is infamous for bringing about negative influences. Obviously Capricorn people or those with the sign heavily featured in their chart will be subjected to the negative traits of Saturn retrograde, but I think perhaps it is more the people, like myself, who are not Capricorn but are either Saturn ruled (in view of Capricorn being the rising (ascendant) sign, or Saturn is heavily featured in their chart, e.g. on the ascendant or Midheaven, conjunct the Sun or Moon, part of a large stellium (grouping of planets), etcetera.

So for those people especially, now we can all relax and hopefully move forward again. Let the good times roll!

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