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Double and triple signs

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Despite this first being published in 2013, I am still researching.......

I am currently researching into the effects of double or triple signs in birth charts, and am asking for guinea pigs please to help in said research. Nothing earth shattering – just that I have realised that this double or triple effect may not necessarily have the obvious impact one would expect – that a triple Leo for example, would (if it could be measured) outwardly show thrice the amount of Leo as a standard Leo (or whatever the sign is). Firstly, let me clarify what constitutes a double or triple sign. The three main zodiacal signs in a birth chart that relate directly to the person's personality are the Sun, Moon, and ascendant (rising sign). Usually these fall in different signs – for example I am Sun sign Sagittarius, Moon sign Taurus, and rising sign Capricorn. These basic differences alone go a long way to explaining as to why people do not tend to come over displaying their true colours, especially women, as females tend to follow their Moon sign more closely. Occasionally two of the three are in the same sign – a double whatever. Much less often we have all three the same, whereupon the person can be classed as a triple whatever. If the planet relating to the triple sign happens to be also close to the ascendant, then they could be classed as a quadruple – for example, someone with Sun, Moon, and ascendant in Aries, with Mars close to the ascendant (Mars rules Aries) could then be listed as a quadruple Aries... and so on. As I said earlier, I have always assumed that this would simply greatly exaggerate the prominence of the said sign. Now though I am not so sure, for I may possibly be on to something. Even though these multiples are not common, I do meet quite a few, and it is slowly dawning on me – especially with more noticeable signs like Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius – that in fact the opposite could be the case: they don't come over displaying the sign hardly at all!! The jury is out on this one – there could be another contributing factor that I am overlooking – and it is not the case with everyone who fits this category, some do display the extra traits. But it would seem that more do in fact NOT follow the sign in all its glory. The cases where the sign is diminished so far do not include obvious connections such as a massive debilitating restrictive presence of Saturn, or a major 12th house stellium which would definitely tone things down dramatically, so it has got me wondering as to whether the sheer emphasis often has the opposite effect. The only way to find out for sure is to obtain more records, so if you are a double/triple sign, or think you are, or know of someone who is, please contact me with the necessary birth details and a simple statement as to whether you feel the person lives up to the emphasis or not.

To be continued.....

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