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How can you follow your chart if it isn't yours anyway?? A theory on TWINS.

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I have always held a definite uncertainty regarding the charts of twins, even more so triplets, etcetera. In my early years of studying astrology I was quite happy going along with the fact that there is usually a significant difference between the twins, which can be easily traced back to a definite planetary, house, or sign difference between the charts, more so when a decent amount of time separated the two births. The obvious example here is where enough time has elapsed for the rising sign to be different, which then alters the chart as a whole. On the other hand, I have a wonderful example of this that involves the twins being born only three minutes apart. Their mother had had a reading with me and was so fascinated by it all asked me to put the charts up of her twin boys, then in their late twenties. She told me that they had been born very close together, were identical both in appearance and their actions and idiosyncrasies, and throughout life only one thing told them apart. She wondered if it could be seen in their charts. She did not reveal what the thing was, but as I looked at their charts side by side I was immediately drawn to Mercury. Those few minutes had made a massive difference, with Mercury being ruler of house 3. Because by the time Twin 2 had been born, Mercury had moved into house 2, over the 2nd-3rd house cusp (remember that planets move backwards through the houses, clockwise). Twin 1 had a remarkable Mercury placement. It was in Gemini in both charts but being in house 3 in his chart was exceedingly strong, with it being the Mercury/Gemini ruled house. Much of this emphasis was lost with Twin 2. So I surmised that Twin 1 was the chatterbox, the one showing an obvious increase in all matters to do with communication. I was right on. She went on to say that as children she used to dress them the same, making telling them apart even more difficult, but the non stop chatter did the trick. Even as grown ups, it still showed, and he was a journalist, whilst his brother had also followed the influence of Mercury but this time by its 2nd house placing, by working in finance.

However, this unfortunately does not seem to be the norm. I know many parents, mothers especially, who tell me that their twins, even identical ones, are incredibly dissimilar in their behaviour, some to the point of not being in any way similar whatsoever. It is here where much of my research into twins has been taking place, for it would appear that in these dissimilar cases, especially when the births were induced, one of the twins is perfectly described by the chart – whereas the other acts as if it were someone else’s. Myself and the mothers believe that is exactly what is happening here – the chart is only representative of one of the twins, the other reacting to another set of planetary energies entirely, as if they are using the chart of a sibling yet to be born, or one that should have been born at an earlier date. Very freaky, but all the mothers involved in this research feel, via their feminine intuition, that we are touching on something here. Our research continues....

I have a similar answer to the oft asked question regarding children born prematurely or late. I have a strong intuitive feeling that these children were born at the said date and time because the combination of planetary energies – for whatever reasons – was not quite right for them during this life time, had they had been born at the expected date. They either need to be born earlier or later to capture the right 'moment.'

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