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Many people are contacting me, either because they are recently finding themselves acting in an out of character more aggressive manner, or more likely find themselves on the receiving end of over-assertive or aggressive behaviour. This is obviously down to Mars and got me thinking. My theory is very simple and straightforward, but still worthy of mention. As mentioned in my previous blog, Mars has been part of the Grand Cross with Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto since early April until earlier this month, and was also retrograde. So despite being amalgamated with these other planets – Uranus-Mars oppositions can be extremely volatile and accident prone, etcetera; Mars square Pluto is potentially wholly destructive energies; and the Jupiter square exaggerates everything else Mars is doing – the actual Mars energy could have been quite diminished, with the other planets gaining momentum on it. (I know Pluto is also retrograde but I have found the retrograde emotion of the outer planets to not be as instantly dynamic as the personal ones). Mars was the planet to break up the Grand Cross, via its direct movement, and has been in harmonious Libra throughout this period, a sign that Mars finds hard to throw around his true weight in. So, in essence the Libra placement, being overwhelmed by the others in the Grand Cross, and suddenly regaining his lost energies by the direct movement, in my opinion gave rise to an overall accumulation of repressed energy suddenly coming forth, in typical Mars style. Hence the many reports coming in asking me why there is so much aggression, etcetera going on, especially those of people expressing their pent up feelings.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts and examples on this. Hopefully it will sizzle out soon, once Mars has 'got it off his chest', so to speak.

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