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Since Mercury went direct

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Since Mercury went direct at the beginning of July, it gave Saturn – also retrograde – much more chance to really focus on what it is infamous for: restrictions, delays, fear, uncertainty, lack of self esteem, etcetera. For anyone who, like myself, is heavily influenced by Saturn, the month so far has likely been very much a mix of those key words, and is likely to continue so until the 20th July when it goes direct. I can hear the sighs of relief as people read this!! Due to major restrictions and setbacks for one reason and another, this is why there have been so few blogs from me of late. I shall be on holiday (Saturn allowing!!) on that date so am putting out this blog well in advance, so that you can all prepare yourselves for this momentous event, a major factor that will significantly affect many of us in a positive manner, when hopefully life will return back to normal somewhat. Everyone is going to have been affected differently and some worst than others, but by and large the effects of Saturn retrograde, and therefore the effects of it going direct again, will particularly affect you if you are Capricorn, have your Moon in Capricorn, Saturn is in the 1st house or on the ascendant, or especially if you have Capricorn rising, for that makes Saturn your overall chart ruler. This is my cross to bear, and speaking with other Saturn ruled people over the last few weeks, there are definite common denominators: we definitely get more than our fair share of negativity thrown our way. On the other hand, the positive factors associated with Saturn and Capricorn really kick in to help us: determination, responsibility, practicality, etcetera. One person I know has an unaspected Saturn, and she undergoes all sorts of negative scenarios when the planet goes retrograde. Then there are the people who are born with it retrograde in their birth charts, thereby seemingly acting as so throughout life. By and large retrograde planets act with diminished energy, so you may therefore think surely that is a positive thing – if diminished, the negative effects of Saturn will not be so pronounced. This can be the case (depending largely on Jupiter in the chart) but the self doubt and fear can prevent the person from acting as positively as they otherwise would. It will be very interesting to hear peoples views on this: remember to state how Saturn affects your birth chart, so that we can make more sense of the observations.

To finish with, I came across the following statement in a novel I am currently reading. For those who are truly influenced negatively by Saturn, bear this in mind: The greatest opportunities present themselves when all hope is lost.... Here's to the 20th. Good luck one and all.

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