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Saturn ­Pluto combined transits

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The triple connection of three very strong Saturn transits on my natal chart at the moment has prompted me to share the effects of this combined energy with you, as I feel it is so profound and is a classic case of whereby a highly positive transit can become totally engulfed by more challenging ones. I always say when compiling a birth chart and have explained a highly significant factor, that no matter how strong an individual factor is, it is still part of the overall 'jigsaw' effect that makes up the complete chart. It is the same with transits. Due to a weakness in my nature, whereby I simply do not check my own chart often, or thoroughly, enough, I missed out recently on spotting this jigsaw effect in action. For I was very excited about Saturn being exactly conjunct my natal Midheaven (MC), especially with Saturn being my chart ruler. For once he was working for me, not against me, and this had been gradually creeping up to becoming exact just before Christmas 2013. So you can imagine my disappointment when, with this profound transit acting positively at its peak for me, the feeling of finally moving forward and everything I had been setting out to achieve finally turning in my favour, did not transpire. That of course forced me to recheck my chart, and then did I realise I had missed out massively on other parts of the jigsaw. It was the sheer excitement of Saturn reaching this pinnacle position on my natal Midheaven that had caused me to overlook the other connections. I had been aware that Saturn was squaring my natal Pluto, but due to the excitement of the Saturn-MC transit, I had failed to notice that in the early months of 2014 this Saturn-Pluto transit had also become exact, curiously enough more or less running parallel with the MC one as regards the dates when the energies were at their peak. What really stunned me though was that in typical back-burner style, Pluto had crept up on the entire scenario, itself now making a very strong reciprocal square to Saturn. So.... Saturn square Pluto meets Pluto square Saturn – a double whammy if ever there was one! The first exact peak of the Pluto transit does not occur until early March but the strength of this double combination is already enough to truly override the Saturn-MC conjunction that was so promising.

By itself the Saturn-MC conjunction represents a major time of consolidating all that I have been building towards over the last fourteen years, since Saturn was halfway through its cycle, at that time opposing my Midheaven. Basically, this is the time when all that one has worked for should really start to pay off. Added duties and responsibilities come with it as a matter of course, but all this has been prepared for. Robert Hand, in his transit bible Planets in Transit describes it as “it is almost as if you have been climbing a mountain for many years, and now the peak is in sight.” The consolidation that this transit offers should now last for a good few years, as everything fits together so well. However, if efforts have not been used effectively to prepare for this momentous event, then Saturn could make hard going of the period, with many unfinished boxes to tick. That, I am sure, is not the case with me, but the double whammy impact of Pluto on Saturn at this critical time could evoke Pluto into destructive mode, destroying my efforts. If Pluto cannot transform, then it will destroy: all part of the death and rebirth process.

Pluto is all about change and Saturn is infamous for its restrictive tendencies. Power struggles are always a keyword associated with Pluto, and authority relates to Saturn, so the combination here of power struggles with those in 'authority' can severely hamper one's progress. Circumstances and people make the changes difficult to take place in the ways they should. Another quote here from the transit bible: “It is not usually a good time to expand your operations in any field of activity, especially business.” This of course totally goes against the 'time is now right' impact of the Saturn-Midheaven conjunction, and brings me back to my main point of how we always have to weigh all transits and other effects against each other to get the overall picture. The ruling planet has to be taken into account, the way the relevant planets are aspected and positioned in one's birth chart, house positions, etcetera. Obviously having either of these two planets as the ruling natal planet will mean that this combination will be more greatly felt, and weighted, in my case, towards Saturn. Add to this some very interesting Uranus transits currently trying their best to make me rebel against things and become even more independent, plus the fact that Pluto is slowly starting to conjunct my natal ascendant, and you can not only see how these inter connecting energies really do make a jigsaw, but also that it is very difficult to put the pieces in the right place!

Saturn is all about perseverance. Pluto is all about transformation. I shall endeavour to do both.

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