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The Uranus–Pluto square

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The Uranus–Pluto square that many people have been commenting on is now exact, but it will stay around, affecting the whole of society, for a few years yet, these two planets being so very slow moving. It is very much what we astrologers call a generational transit, affecting whole generations and the world at large, rather than a personal transit to an individual, which is my speciality. Nevertheless, when a transit is exact, if it is going to affect anyone, most likely it is during that period. Uranus is disruption and unexpected unorthodox connections. Pluto is power, transformation, but when squared can be very destructive in its attempt to rebuild - the death and rebirth scenario. It is interesting to note that the last time these two planets were squared was in the 1930s and we all know what that brought about. So this is potentially a highly volatile transit now that it is peaking, but as to whether it is doing any harm to you personally depends entirely on how the two planets fare in your birth chart and how the transit is affecting your birth chart.

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