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Aspect Patterns Galore!

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We are currently experiencing a very rare accumulation of various aspect patterns, or configurations as I prefer to call them. Aspects are the mathematical connections (conjunction, square, trine, etc.) made between planets and angles of the chart, that really do bring the chart to life, as indicated by the manner that the planets interact with one another, either positively or negatively. These so called aspect patterns can be clearly discerned in an astrological chart, making noticeable patterns in the centre of the chart wheel, linking the featured planets. They represent configurations of specific aspects working together as a whole, whereupon the whole is much greater than the sum of their parts – in short, they are akin to ‘super aspects’, representing very powerful features in the chart. People born around now will have this collection of aspect patterns in their birth chart, which means they will have these highly complex, mainly beneficial energies for life. The configurations around now are a Grand Trine, a t-square, and not one, but two Yods! The latter are much rarer, it being an event to have one Yod active, let alone two! The planets involved in this impressive collection intermingle within the configurations somewhat, as follows:

Grand Trine made of trines connecting the Mercury-Neptune conjunction with the Moon and Saturn.

T-square made up of an opposition between Moon and Pluto, both making squares to the Mars-Uranus conjunction.

Yod #1: the Mars-Uranus conjunction forms a sextile with Jupiter, both ends of this sextile forming quincunx aspects to Saturn.

Yod #2: Saturn and Pluto form a sextile, each forming quincunx aspects to Jupiter.

Due to the speedy movement of the Moon, this amazing combination is only at its peak for today, the 20th March 2013, but the two Yods stay around until 2nd April, at their peak in the last few days of March. So it is those that we will now look at in more detail. As ever with astrology, how these combined forces affect you individually will totally depend on the interactions they make with corresponding planets in your birth chart – only an in depth personal reading will unravel that. On a general note then....


A Yod – or Finger of Fate – is one of the most misunderstood features of astrology. As far as I am aware there has only been one major work published on this configuration, yet it is widely believed to be of major significance. It only came to light as a meaningful aspect pattern as recently as the 1960s and as yet remains largely clouded in illusion as to its precise effect on people.

It is the combined force of these aspect configurations that make them so strong – they create a continual flow of energy between the planets, as opposed to individual, possibly conflicting ones, and are much more than merely a sum of their parts. The Yod, unlike most other configurations, comprises both positive AND negative aspects, yet still retains the flow of energy once it is properly activated. The negative ones bring about stressful conditions but with the added restraint of the challenges being deadlock situations with no apparent immediate solution. This is due to the Yod being made up of two notorious quincunxes – these aspects bring about stalemate situations, forcing you to side step, try even harder and along different lines until eventually the problem is cracked – and then in kicks the positive side – and this is where the Yod is very special, for this positive outcome is seen as a gift – hence the Finger of Fate name – and from then on you can reap the rewards of the Yod, indicated by the planet receiving the quincunxes. A Yod is comprised of two planets in sextile to one another forming the base of the Yod, both contacting a third planet via quincunx aspects. In the chart they can be seen to form a very pointed triangle, joining up at the point in the chart where the third planet is situated. Quincunx aspects are notorious little devils at the best of times, being particularly awkward aspects that depict a deadlock situation between the planets concerned where neither side wants to give. So to have two of these operating as part of a complex interaction of planetary energy speaks volumes. However, we must not forget the sextile that is also involved – these are harmonious aspects that grant us opportunist moments to surge forward in our lives, providing we press a few buttons ourselves, so here lies the bonus side to all this: out of all the tension eventually comes a talent that you can utilise against future stressful conditions, thereby illustrating both the negative and positive sides to this mysterious aspect pattern. The ‘Finger of Fate’ or ‘Finger of God’ nickname that is sometimes attributed to Yods perhaps stems from this, and it is seen as opening up your quest in life: unlock these hidden powers and you will indeed have found yourself. This benevolent side often reveals itself as a great talent that you are gifted with, that may not show until you crack this complex energy pattern.

Located in a birth chart, a Yod is said to point the way that one ought to be taking in one’s life to in effect actually alleviate the stress, but it may take the person many decades before they finally make the connection. This is due to the troublesome nature of the two quincunxes that form the Yod, that do not make it easy for people to find the right approach, and as often as not people influenced by a Yod do not start again along different lines, but instead try to persevere along the same old path, getting nowhere. As a passing transit, as now, it is a different matter of course, because of its fleeting nature. Nevertheless the quincunxes will dig in and make it difficult to truly access the great potential stored in the Yod(s).

Yod #1 operates on a sextile between the Mars-Uranus conjunction and Jupiter. The Mars-Uranus conjunction is a highly unpredictable energy source that will create unorthodox opportunities for you, and the way to deal with these opportunities is to take an unconventional route. You need to be prepared to experiment and act a bit rashly! It will give you astounding determination and willpower coupled with great courage and honesty. It produces a tendency to rebel against the status quo. Extremism can build from this conjunction so beware becoming too fanatical on topics. Jupiter expands on whatever it touches, adding fuel to the fire, but is the most benevolent planet, so this threesome can really make things happen for you. Saturn is the apex planet, the one receiving all the attention. This is the planet of karma, so it goes without saying that the ‘gift’ associated with this Yod is a very karmic gift. A singular life goal where you can fully help others as well as yourself will gradually unfold, involving social responsibility and purposeful activity. In this context, fated consequences will reveal themselves, that tap into your true destiny. Mars-Saturn means you have to be prepared to accept there will be delays and frustrations in order to reap your rewards. Persevere. Uranus-Saturn really is radical, for it forces these two uncomplimentary planets into action. Again, be as unorthodox as you can be, to defeat the traditional Saturn influences that are holding you back. Jupiter-Saturn revolves around keeping the faith, optimistic rather than pessimistic. Keep soldiering on with optimism, and even a care free attitude. The combination of Mars-Uranus-Jupiter will move any imposed blocks that Saturn represents. The positive side to Saturn – sheer responsibility and commitment will revel itself when it is ready, for Saturn is the Master of Timing. But it only has a few days!

Yod #2 operates on a sextile between Saturn and Pluto – very significant planetary energies here. Your willpower benefits from the favourable interaction of these two powerful planets. You have much greater control over your will, and the ability to organise your life accordingly. Utilising self discipline and determination. You can effectively transform yourself as circumstances dictate. Jupiter is the apex planet, the one receiving all the attention. With a Yod being referred to as a gift from the heavens, and Jupiter being the planet of optimism, personal growth, and good fortune, there is an immediate connection here. Your faith will become tumultuous and you will directly connect with your inner spirit. You will be granted the opportunities to take on board a larger social pattern of ideal development. You will be regarded as some sort of guru, in the circles that you represent, feeling as if you are guided by some sort of higher manifestation that protects you. The Jupiter-Saturn quincunx is particularly interesting because it induces a stalemate situation of optimism versus pessimism – you never can really take one side of this seesaw satisfactorily. Dissatisfaction with life, plus much restlessness is characteristic of this negative clash between these two adverse planets. So by utilising these Yod energies, all this can be a thing of the past! As regards the Jupiter-Pluto link, remove any desire for power and fanatical beliefs, and you are on your quest to find the reward.

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