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Here we go again. We still have Saturn retrograde to cope with until the 8th July, and from the 26 June through to the 19 July we once again have the rather crazy situation of Mercury Retrograde, when communication and all things technological go awry. People like myself, born with Mercury retrograde, seem to really take the brunt of these periods, and others tend to carry on as if nothing has changed – lucky devils! In extreme cases, people dare not even make small journeys, for fear of something going terribly wrong. But I always take the positive approach of life must go on, but be realistic about these things, and don't make plans that can't be put off until later. Certainly don't get involved in major arguments or situations that could so easily go out of control, and as ever we have to look at the whole scenario – the birth chart and planets in general – to get a complete picture. With this in mind, I am offering special readings at the reduced price of £25 to see how your birth chart copes during this troublesome period. Let me know of any specific plans and ideas you have ongoing or are thinking of putting into being, plus anything else you feel could be affected by Mercury, and I'll provide you with a concise reading based on those and any other conditions prevalent to you at the time. Contact me to order your own personal Mercury reading, which will be done as a spoken reading on CD or as an email download, in either case with relevant charts attached.

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