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Full Moon with Kite

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Many of you will be aware of the “Supermoon” full moon, as it is being dubbed, that occurs on Sunday, the 23 June. But at the time of this Sun-Moon opposition being exact, a rare Kite formation of planetary energies is formed for a short while (in view of the Moon moving so quickly). For those of you who really work with the Moon, a reading of your chart linked to this very special Kite could reveal all sorts of potential waiting to be released. I will examine the impact of the Kite formation on your individual chart, and report anything of significance.

For a Kite aspect configuration to occur, there has to first be a Grand Trine configuration, which is present involving the Sun-Jupiter conjunction (itself very fortuitous), Saturn, and Neptune. Very interesting combination. Trine aspects in a chart are positive and highly favourable. They generally help the person succeed in the field of life that the trines represent, holding massive potential for confidence, self assurance, idealism, insight, optimism, well-being, and above all, luck. It also instils in you a general feeling of protection due to inner faith and hope. A Grand Trine is formed when three separate trines (in this case four) join up to form this super one.

A Kite is in essence a Grand Trine with attitude! In addition to the four planets forming the Grand Trine, the Moon then moves into position (forming the recognisable diamond kite shape in the chart aspects) as it receives sextiles from two of the Grand Trine planets, Saturn and Neptune. Sextiles have to be worked at to release their potential, so we have a more dynamic force now involved, and why as often as not Kites do not get fully triggered. The combination serves to focus energy through a flowing system of skilful communication at appropriate moments, based on conscious awareness of potential and opportunities. It creates a continual flow of energy between the planets concerned, as opposed to individual, possibly conflicting ones. The Kite formation is finalised by an opposition between this new planet and the one it opposes in the chart. This opposition just happens to be the Sun and Moon, the leading lights of the Zodiac, making this Kite formation and the full Moon it is built around, very significant indeed, this opposition creating the real friction and tension necessary to give this configuration the substance that is lacking in an ordinary Grand Trine, therefore becoming a much more dynamic indicator of success in life.

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