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The Grand Sextile of 2013

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Imminent is one of the most magnificent of all the astrology happenings for years to come. On the 29th July 2013 we will all receive massive potential from the most revered of all astrological happenings: a Grand Sextile. Good times are ahead?

A Grand Sextile is an extremely rare combination of planetary connections and is thus responsible for potentially marvellous things in life, once the challenging aspects have been dealt with, particular as it is mainly comprised of the two harmonious and beneficial aspects: trines and sextiles. It comprises no less than six sextiles, plus the following combination of aspect patterns to give us the ultimate in aspect configurations: two Grand Trines, six Kites, and three Mystic Rectangles. There's even a couple of t-squares amongst the melange too, but we aren't going to worry about those little devils with all this opportunist stuff going on! By themselves those aspect patterns are highly memorable but here we have the mother of all aspect configurations. It forms the familiar hexagram pattern in the chart that is often referred to as the Star of David, connecting the planets forming the sextiles. This is so rare that the last time it properly occurred was back in February 1945, heralding the end of World War 2. That in itself speaks volumes on the massive energy potential of these highly beneficial trines and sextiles.

The planets concerned this time round are the Moon (in Taurus), the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer, Venus (in Virgo), Saturn (in Scorpio), Pluto (in Capricorn), and Neptune (in Pisces).

The Kites and Mystic Rectangles, which form by default whenever a Grand Sextile occurs, involve challenging aspects as well as harmonious ones, but it is these that force us into action – otherwise a mass collection of totally harmonious energy sources would get nowhere fast, with us just wanting to sit back and let the word pass us by!

With the Moon moving so fast through the Zodiac, the pattern is only around for that one day. The people who will benefit the most are those who were born with planets at degrees of the Zodiac that the Grand Sextile picks up on. I have my North Node at 4° Pisces, the same degree as Neptune in the configuration so I am expecting some highly idealistic and spiritual developments. People born on this day will of course carry the enormous benefits throughout life, as this will represent a major multi-feature of their birth chart. I strongly recommend anyone who knows of a child born that day to have its chart drawn up for the parents. The rest of us can truly benefit from this fantastic happening, as to exactly how and in what areas of life will depend on the interaction of the Grand Sextile with your individual birth chart. This is an incredibly complex astrological event to analyse, but if you are interested in seeing how it directly affects your own chart, I am offering special personalised readings on this very rare phenomenon – contact me for details.

It would also be very interesting to collate information from people as to how they feel the Grand sextile has benefited them individually. Some cases may be obvious, due to amazing things actually occurring on the 29th July, with most of us though I feel it will be a direct influence of these combined energies, resulting in some major moves forward. Comment on this article below to share your thoughts, and I'll respond in my next article. We can all benefit greatly from this like never before – remember though with sextiles, unlike trines, the energies have to be activated by input from ourselves. Sweeping changes are possible on a personal as well as a world level. Don't let it pass you by.

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