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Valentines Day Readings

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Of all the individual factors that make up the tapestry of life, it is without doubt matters of the heart that occupy the number one slot in my readings when they are broken down into what people ask about the most. So with the 14th February being designated the day associated with these matters, I thought it a great idea to offer readings based on this important area of life. Unlike my usual ‘solar return’ yearly forecasts, these would concentrate exclusively on relationship issues, and for this reason the price would be lessened accordingly. Instead of the usual £35 I am offering these special readings for just £25. As before, they will be audio recordings with the reading and associated charts forwarded to you, unless of course you prefer to see me in person (same price applies). My new method of sending readings is via Google Drive where you download the files on the internet, but if you prefer the old fashioned CDs just let me know.

So instead of using the solar return chart which captures the transits prevalent on your birthday, thereby giving an overall indication of your year ahead, I shall be utilising your personal Venus return chart that is closest to Valentine’s Day. Venus is the planet of love, and therefore a return to its natal position places massive emphasis on relationship matters. This return chart analysis will give you a very accurate portrayal of all astrological factors affecting your love life for the imminent future. All I need to know from yourselves (apart from your birth details if I haven’t already got them) is a very brief overview of your current relationship status, e.g. single, dating, married, etc. This simply makes it easier for me to interpret the Venus related transits. If there is someone in your life, then their birth details would help me greatly in assessing compatibility.

I intend to be carrying out these readings during February, so first come, first served. Contact me if you are interested, I’ll sort out the rest.

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