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I always remember from my school days how a magnet will either attract or repel. Have you also noticed how some people do exactly that? When in attract mode, their charismatic and seductive personalities will lure you in like a siren, but on repel mode you cannot get near them. The energies they give off keep all but the most thick-skinned unobservant people at bay. Scorpio – and to a greater degree Pluto – has always been associated with these magnetic attributes, but I will tell you the tale of the poor girl whose love life was virtually wrecked due to this.

She came to me for a reading and I was instantly captivated by her stunning Italian like looks. Yet it turned out that this very same stunning beauty was at the very heart of her problems in life. She was 33 and had yet to hold together a serious relationship, as much as she wanted to. Her looks guaranteed her a regular input of suitors, although it turned out that this input was much lower than it could be – many never made it as far as asking her out. In her words, it was if a barrier came down and prevented them from going any further. She heard on the grapevine that some of them had complained that she was totally unapproachable, they could not even get a conversation going. Yet anyone who knew this young lady would know that to be bunkum.

Her chart revealed the problem instantly. Pluto was situated right on her descendant. With the descendant being responsible for interaction with others, especially suitors, the inbuilt Pluto magnet attributes were automatically funnelled into relationship issues. For some reason the magnet was stuck on repel mode! She recognised the importance of having the option when there was a need, for whatever reason, to block out unsuitable suitors, but not all the time! it transpired that challenging Saturn aspects to the Moon, Venus, and Mars (plus her having a Capricorn Moon and a Sun-Saturn conjunction) were causing these Saturnian factors to create a fearful and overcautious approach to relationships, whereupon the ‘safety valve’ was the Pluto repel mode. Thankfully she had a fairly good grasp of astrology, so the understanding of these themed connections were soon made clear to her. I told her to use her inner mind and subconsciously remove this Pluto hold. Being so Saturnian brought about a strange look of “are you away with the fairies?” but she could see the sense of it and promised to work on it. The result was almost instantaneous, and she came to see me again, absolutely thrilled with the change. “Men are flocking to me and I have a bewildering array of gorgeous men to choose from!” And she still retained the ability to block out the unsuitable ones – Pluto knows when to throw the override switch! She was however curious on one issue: “How come you were not given the repel treatment when I first came to you? I know we are different age groups, and our connection is purely business, but this does not usually stop the magnet from repelling people like you.” The answer lies with Pluto in my chart, but first let me digress a little.

There is no doubt that in general terms Scorpio is the least tolerable of all the signs – many people keep their distance simply due to the sheer intensity of feeling that a very Scorpio person can generate. People don’t know where they stand with them nor how to handle them. Yet I have not found this myself, even with triple Scorpios (Sun, Moon, and rising sign all Scorpio). This is nothing to do with me having my Venus in Scorpio (although it will help) but is down to both the Sun and Moon receiving strong connections from Pluto, which in turn aligns with my descendant when you break the chart down into its decantes (another blog sometime). I suppose Pluto in the relationship 7th house enhances things and Mars in the 8th house will also help – the 8th house is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto. So due to this collaboration of Scorpio/Pluto traits, the magnets are rarely in repel mode for me (and everyone else with these strong positive Pluto connections in their chart) and when they are there’s usually a very good reason for it!

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