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Left Handers' Day

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In view of the 13th August being declared as LEFT HANDERS' DAY, I have decided to update my blog on the astrological connection to being left handed that I first published in May 2012. Since 2011 I have been conducting a simple experiment to determine whether or not my belief that all left handed people have Aquarius heavily featured in their birth chart stood up to the test. And it has. Out of hundreds of lefties who have submitted theirs or others birth details, only two have not had Aquarius featured, and in both these cases they were unsure of their birth time, so they could have had Aquarius rising or Uranus on the ascendant, or something similar that would be dependent on time.

To recap, it does not work the other way round, i.e. not all Aquarians are left handed. Yet everyone who has submitted their details has an above average accrual of this enigmatic, unconventional sign in their make-up, or if not the sign a strong connection from the ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus. On a few occasions it has been almost missed, by them not having any planets in Aquarius but Uranus being unaspected to any of the other planets. This has just as much an effect – if not more – than when Uranus connects to one of the personal planets. See my blog on unaspected planets for a fascinating insight into unaspected Uranus.

The main astrological contenders, it would seem, that are associated with left handedness are as follows (numbers refer to the times this factor occurred in the chart):

  • Mercury in Aquarius (205)
  • Mercury conjunct or trine Uranus (196)
  • Uranus making a strong connection, usually trine or sextile, to the Sun., Moon, or ascendant. (168)
  • Mars conjunct or trine Uranus (130)
  • Moon in Aquarius (112)
  • Aquarius rising (usually with other connections too) (110)
  • Aquarius Sun sign but with other personal planets or a strong Uranus link (76)
  • all the personal planets in Aquarius (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) (68)
  • Uranus on the ascendant (35)
  • Venus in Aquarius (25)
  • Uranus on the Midheaven (22)
  • Unaspected Uranus (18)
  • Uranus on the descendant (11)

Keep the details coming in, and if possible relate a few interesting details about how you (or the other person) comes over as Aquarius even if they aren't. Thanks to everyone for their assistance in this project to date.

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