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Triple Eclipse

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Solar and lunar eclipses astrologically always generate or highlight hopeful new beginnings or fulfilment of ongoing plans. As ever of course, the individual impact can only be ascertained by linking the chart of the eclipse to your own birth chart, but as a general overview they can be said to relate to new beginnings, needed changes, and the completion of ongoing tasks, projects, etc. They usually occur in pairs around a new or full moon, a solar and a lunar eclipse close to one another, but what we have over the next few weeks are three consecutive eclipses:

  • 25th April – partial lunar eclipse
  • 9th May – annular solar eclipse
  • 25th May – penumbral (or appulse) lunar eclipse

Partial lunar eclipses, as its name suggest, do not carry the same significance of a total eclipse. An annular solar eclipse is when the moon covers all but a bright ring around the circumference of the sun. This is nevertheless, astrologically, a powerful eclipse.

A penumbral eclipse is by far the least spectacular of the eclipses both astrologically and astronomically, but what I am offering here is a combined effect of the three eclipses to an individual, by comparing trends and other planetary common denominators in a person’s birth chart corresponding to the timing of these eclipses. These bespoke eclipse readings will be priced as per my normal forecast readings. Contact me if you are interested in having one done.

As I always say, the full effect of any astrological event is revealed when it is linked to an individual’s chart, but on a general basis I have noted the following significant details re these eclipses. House positions will be dependent on where you are residing at the time. The first eclipse captures a very dynamic opposition between two important conjunctions – Sun-Mars opposing Moon-Saturn. This represents a real pull between your wants and needs and the Sun-Mars energy possibly being very depleted or held back with the Saturn influenced Moon. Scorpio and Taurus are polar opposite fixed signs which should add more of a stubborn intensity.

The second eclipse adds more to the Taurus stellium. Of great interest now though is the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square that has been around for some time, causing great concern to some people (depending on the status of these planets in their charts) but it is by this time fast reaching its peak. This Uranus-Pluto energy will have peaked by the time of the third eclipse and for many of us this will be enhanced or exaggerated by Pluto falling in its own house, the 8th. This is an intense time when your emotional attachments may be challenged at a deep level and in unexpected ways. You may be fearful of losing all that you have built up for yourself but Uranus often brings unexpected change that will actually pay off if you go along its unorthodox route. Pluto moves very slowly whereas Uranus is instant, out of the blue energy – a curious frictional mismatch.

The Sun-Moon opposition (the basis of the eclipse) forms a t-square to Neptune which will on the one hand add a massive spiritual, intuitive feel to the overall energies, with hope and idealism to the fore – if you can reach it – but on the other hand, if afflicted in your individual chart, will cause all sorts of deception and disappointments. Addictions will need to be monitored at this time too. If you suffer from any sort of addictive problem, then will be the time to attempt to seriously do something about it.

If you are interested I will prepare for you a personal reading based on the interaction of the energies focussed on these three eclipses, and how they affect your chart. It certainly makes a change from the usual type of forecasting.

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