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The Ideal Christmas Present - With a Difference

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Wondering what to get someone for a Christmas present with a difference? Why not fascinate them with an individually written, fully comprehensive ASTROLOGICAL BIRTH CHART CHARACTER PROFILE.

Undoubtedly the best way to start if you want to explore the magical world of astrology is to have a complete written analysis - a birth chart character profile. Your astrological birth chart is UNIQUE to you. There is far more to it than just your star sign (especially with females). It reveals important details about you: your vocational path, the sort of people you are attracted to, your strengths and weaknesses, etc. but most importantly where your TRUE POTENTIAL lies. See how each planet leaves its individual mark on you. All this is fully detailed in the analysis, and wherever possible I try and assimilate all contrary or opposing principles together, and weigh them accordingly, rather than just a cut and paste arrangement of planet-sign-houses. Those sort are just glorified boring lists that in reality tell the person very little. My booklets have a detailed introduction to astrology plus your personal birth chart in full colour and instructions on how to make sense of it. Also, they are becoming increasingly popular for the parents of newborn or young children, giving a clear insight into the sort of person the child will develop into.

All I need is the person’s name plus their birth TIME, date and place. I am sending out this advertisement in an attempt to beat the last minute Christmas rush that I normally get on the build up to the festive season. Being individually written, I want to spread out the workload a bit! I'm also offering 10% OFF the normal price, with free printing and posting.

As long as they are ordered before the first week of December I guarantee to get it done in time for Christmas.

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