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2012 Energies? Good Times Ahead

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As we enter November many of you will undoubtedly be focussing on the imminent advent of the culmination of the 2012 energies that have been building all year, set to be released in their entirety on the 21st December allegedly. I do not claim to be a source of knowledge on this topic and have no particular opinions either way about the entire 2012 scenario but what I can tell you is this. From March onwards this year it became increasingly apparent to me that there was a common denominator with every single person that had a reading with me, where we brought their birth chart up to date to reflect how their life path was developing.

In every single case it was forecast for them for a major improvement in their life path to be fast approaching, differing of course from person to person, but nevertheless all sharing this pending evolution from 2013 onwards. At around this time I began to realise that his was not just my clients having a good run, but that there was definitely something behind all this, a trend was definitely developing in my readings. As I'm sure most of you will agree, 2012 has in many ways been a really heavy going year – not helped by the lack of a summer – and even the people who were having a really tough time of it and could see no way out of the problems they were individually facing, nevertheless had a fantastic optimistic reading once we brought their chart up to date with their 2013 forecast. I saw this period we are going through as the storm before the calm. Whether this upsurge is tied into the 2012 energies or not, never before have I witnessed a period whereby every singly reading I do is incredibly positive. It can only mean that lurking underneath all the negativity is a terrific amount of positivity and personal growth for us all, waiting for that magical trigger to set it all off. Whether that trigger occurs in December or not is conjecture, but rest assured there is something going off that can only be for the better.

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