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Calling all left handed people

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Those of you who have already had readings with me or attended workshops, and are left handed, will probably already know where I am coming from with this. The thing is, the more I carry out this research, the more interesting it gets, as I get more and more convinced that it I am on to something. It’s a very simply theory I have, but as yet it remains 100% accurate: ALL left handed people have a strong dose of Aquarius in their birth chart. They don’t have to be Aquarian, and it does not work the other way round, in other words all Aquarians are NOT left handed. But, as yet, every person I have come across, myself included, who is left handed, has an above average accrual of this enigmatic, unconventional sign in their make-up. If not a true Sun sign Aquarian, they will have the Moon, Mercury, Venus, or the rising sign in Aquarius – or a combination – or failing that, the planet Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) will be heavily featured in the chart. Fascinating stuff, and left-handedness is in a way typical of the Aquarian need to be different and go against the grain, so it makes a sort of sense. Before long my findings will have to be put into a small article, methinks.... watch this space.

If you are left handed, or know of someone who is, please send me the birth details: DATE, TIME and PLACE of birth. Don’t worry if you don’t know the time of birth, as in many cases it won’t be necessary. If a planet is in Aquarius, chances are it will be in that sign for all that day anyway, Moon excepted. And if the person with no known birth time shows notable Aquarian traits without planets occupying Aquarius, it strongly indicates that they either have Aquarius rising or Uranus is close to the ascendant or descendant part of the chart – which will give me their birth time anyway! All part of the service!

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