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Early or late births

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Quite a few people have been asking me about babies that are born prematurely or late, as regards there being an astrological influence. My opinion is that it matters not how we are born, be it natural, caesarean, early, late, etc. It's all to do with timing. I feel we NEED to be born at a specific time to tie in with very specific planetary energies that may be around at the time. For many of us this will not be critical, but for those who have some very specific karmic lessons to be learned or are on a higher plane or whatever, by being born at the exact right time will catch these fast moving energies. So you could say from that that people born via caesarean interjection or some other forced way, or if they are notably early or late, have a very special part to play towards mankind in this life. Food for thought indeed. Any views on the topic will be very appreciated.

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