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I'm always proclaiming the merits of event charts as a fascinating astrological tool, and one of my regulars asked me just what do I mean by an event chart? So, being as you can all benefit from this at times of a significant event, bear this in mind....

An event chart is the chart of any event - a birth is an event just like anything else so in many ways a birth chart is indeed an event chart. For example, if you took a phone call offering you a job, that is a significant event, just like for example a chance meeting of someone you feel really connected with. The list is endless - literally any significant event. As long as you have the time, date and place where it happened we have the chart of that very moment - the birth of whatever it is the event transcribes to. A classic example is the first date, or meeting of two people. These event charts are so special because unlike birth charts, forecasting charts, or relationship charts, where the astrologer has to make sense of all of it, with an event chart I only have to concentrate on the relevant planets. For example, if two of us had a significant occurrence at exactly the same time on the same date, in the same area, the chart would be the same for both. But because the events were totally different, they would be analysed accordingly, let's say mine for a chance encounter (Venus) and the other for an unexpected argument (Mars and Uranus). These are purely examples, but I think you'll get the picture. Then to make real sense of them, I connect the chart to your birth chart - so in this example they then become totally unique to each other.

Feel free to email me for details pertaining to a specific event that you need assistance with. Just bear in mind I may not be able to look into it straight away – but look into it I will.

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