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Descendant Affinity

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Let us put to rest straight away the myths about what signs mix well with others. We are back with Sun signs by themselves again, and this is utter nonsense! It is little to do with the actual Sun signs when it comes to compatibility of a true affinity nature. Of course, there is an influence in that certain signs get on well with some more than others, but this is overshadowed by Moon combinations and Venus and Mars signs, but by far the biggest influence lies with the signs on the descendant.

The sign on your descendant signifies the type of people you are subconsciously drawn to. However, charts are so complex in general, that it is more likely for the man/woman of your dreams to have your descendant sign heavily featured in his/her chart, and perhaps be of a totally different Sun sign. So, although this is not truly practical in everyday life to work out when you meet someone (“excuse me, I need to check your Mars and Venus signs before proceeding with this relationship...”), it is nevertheless highly interesting to see what type of people you are truly drawn to. It is possible to form strong bonds with people that do not have your descendant sign featured in their chart, but over a period of time you will realise that there is something special missing. A true mutual bond develops when your partner’s descendant sign is equally strongly featured in your chart. A very good example of this is illustrated in this true story. A client of mine asked me to write up a relationship analysis for her and her partner. I knew no facts about the two of them as a couple. I derived from the analysis that overall this was a good relationship with many positive factors in its favour BUT it was missing one vital link – the so-called descendant affinity and therefore the relationship, despite its good points, would always feel as if something were missing. Upon reading my report, the woman was very pleased, saying that I had hit the nail on the head. They had been married for no less than 35 years, and although basically happy and comfortable, both thought that the relationship had always lacked something fundamental, hence her asking for the analysis in the first place, out of curiosity more than anything.

True as this affinity related conjecture is, it is of course only the tip of the iceberg, and the rest of the charts need taking into consideration, especially any factors involving Venus, Mars, and the descendant. Nevertheless, it is quite an amazing occurrence how we are subconsciously drawn to this combination of opposite signs (opposites attract?) and it was this amazing realisation involving thirty plus totally different people that initially led me to study astrology further. I have my descendant in Cancer and therefore found that everyone I had ever known – male and female – that I considered to be more than just a good friend, the ones I had a special affinity with, had this sign foremost in their charts. Curiously, few were actually Sun sign Cancers, a huge proportion had their Moon in Cancer, the others were either Venus in Cancer or a Cancer rising sign.

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