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Mars in Scorpio

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This really is an incredible placement. When you study the charts of famous politicians and sportspeople, it is no coincidence to see that so many have their Mars in Scorpio, illustrative of its persistent drive and extremely manipulative abilities (particularly in the case of politicians!). It is akin to a conjunction of Mars and Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio. The sheer go-getting, enthusiastic drive of Mars is merged with the tenacious intensity of Scorpio/Pluto, which peals back the layers to see what lurks beneath. The transformational powers of Scorpio/Pluto are then unleashed via the Aries style Mars enthusiasm to make things happen – at any cost. This is the quiet, behind the scenes, penetrating, persistent drive of Mars in this very powerful sign. Before the discovery of Pluto, Scorpio was ruled by Mars, so alongside Aries, this is the most potent placing for this dominant planet. However, Pluto is also the planet of destruction, as well as transformation, so there is always that possibility for very destructive tendencies as well. It will all depend on the interactions with other planets at the time, or in the case of a natal Scorpio Mars, what else Mars is doing in the birth chart.

Obviously people born with Mars in Scorpio will reap the benefits – and the downsides – throughout life, but we can all benefit from those weeks when Mars finds itself in the sign. In the case of people with a natal Scorpio Mars, if they want something or someone bad enough, they will stop at nothing to get there. If necessary, they have the ability to resort to ruthlessness and manipulation to achieve their goals, and they will fight to the end in defence of their principles.

People with Mars in Scorpio behold a magnetic aura and people often hold them in awe. Scorpio is a naturally secretive sign, so their actions may not necessarily be broadcast to observers in general. It gives them a very powerful, sexual presence. Mars in this sign manages to conceal its anger, but when their veil does drop, others may well wonder what has hit them, especially with the cutting and sarcastic remarks it can deliver. Then comes the sting in the tail – the deep, unforgiving trait of Scorpio that, depending on the hurt, may never disappear.

There is another side to Mars in Scorpio: the sex drive. Scorpio has the reputation of being the passion sign, and nowhere is it more evident that when in Mars, the planet responsible for your sex drive, as well as drive in general. The sheer sexuality of this placement is intense to say the least, especially when coupled with a highly compatible partner (in particular one with Venus in Scorpio – this combination is amazing!) These people are capable of reaching heights that others merely dream of. Despite all this, if it suits them to deter from sex, then so they will – this illustrates the sheer willpower of this exceedingly potent planet-sign combination.

Other areas of life that bring to mind the word conquest, such as sporting activities, are also given the Scorpio treatment of absolute vehemence and staying power. A truly remarkable combination.

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