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Unaspected Planets

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This is a fascinating topic that deserves a special mention, for it is one of those controversial factors in astrology that there is no definite yes-no answer to the question: is there any such thing as an unaspected planet? Unfortunately in some respects, astrology is not rigid enough in its rules and regulations. This is a subject in itself and one I may well come back to, but there are in my opinion too many grey areas, whereupon by changing the mathematical settings of someone’s chart to suit your preferences, a planet may appear unaspected but another astrologer using different settings would find it aspected. There are many other topics whereby this ‘grey area’ causes confusion, at the very top of the tree must be the different house systems that can be used, whereby according to one astrologer you will have for example Jupiter in the 2nd house, whereas another will tell you Jupiter is in your 3rd house. Anyway, I digress! So, first of all, what do I mean by an unaspected planet? Aspects are the mathematical connections (conjunction, square, trine, etc.) made between planets and angles of the chart, that really do bring the chart to life, as indicated by the manner that the planets interact with one another. These aspects create definite energy patterns, for good or bad, as one planet interacts with another. Conjunctions for example bring the two energy sources together, working as one. Saturn (restriction) conjunct Mars (action, drive) will restrict the drive, whereby the person gets nowhere fast: one step forward, three back. On the other hand, the positive side to Saturn will (when the time is right) kick in and make everything that the person does very responsible, committed, and with tons of dedication – eventually.

Very occasionally, we find in a person’s chart a planet that forms no other aspects to the other planets. Any unaspected planet must be regarded as a strong influence for good or ill simply because it represents completely pure, unmitigated energy with no help nor hindrance from the energies of the other planets. Therefore the unaspected planet’s energy is abundant and flowing freely and can totally flavour the chart to the point in being ‘runaway’– an unstoppable force with too much energy, and the planet may become prone to uncontrollable excess: all or nothing, and all too often at the wrong times! Unaspected Mars would mean that the person either gets absolutely nothing ever achieved, or never stops to blink or breathe, relentlessly throwing him/herself into everything, like a crazed person! With Saturn unaspected the Saturnian qualities and attributes may be exaggerated: on the one hand fear, over-caution, over-seriousness, etc whilst on the other hand perseverance, sheer determination, responsibility and authoritativeness could be very evident. And so on.

But, going back to what I said at the beginning of this piece, if we were to widen the mathematical allowances (orbs) made between the planets, then they will make connections to at least one of the planets. Plus we could also use lesser known aspect types, that only more experienced and technically minded astrologers use, like the quintile and semi-sextile. Then the planet will very likely be aspected. So, is there any such thing as an unaspected planet? I had a long debate on this topic with an astrologer friend of mine and we reluctantly agreed that perhaps they do not really exist. I say reluctantly because we both wholeheartedly find them fascinating –she herself has an unaspected Sun and can so relate to it!!

Then something happened which made us reconsider. At one of the Mind, Body, Spirit fairs a lady in her thirties came to me for a reading. She knew a fair bit about astrology, including the fact that she was a rare triple Capricorn: Sun, Moon, and rising sign all Capricorn. She had no planets in Aquarius, and what she could not understand was why, in typical Aquarius fashion, every now and then and totally unexpectedly, she would behave in a very out of character, unorthodox, Aquarian manner. I studied her chart and saw that Uranus – the ruling planet of Aquarius – was totally unaspected. I explained how this could, as described above, show itself from time to time (typical of Uranus) and always out of the blue, in all sorts of weird, bizarre ways. She was ecstatic, exclaiming that I had at last found the missing link, because Capricorn represents the exact opposite of Aquarius – convention versus unconvention. I had made her day – then ruined it! I went on to tell her of the conversation with my astrologer friend about unaspected planets, and how we reluctantly came to the conclusion that they do not really exist. This lady changed in front of my very eyes, instantly – and burst into tears! “You must have something wrong!” she cried, “What you had said made so much sense. I have always felt this Aquarian, rebellious, outrageous side, deep down, but could never understand where it came from, having no Aquarius in my chart. And now you have taken it away again!” I comforted her best I could, and quietly replied: “No, I haven’t. You have just proved to me beyond doubt that these unaspected planets are for real. You have indeed made my day, just like I have yours. You have more than answered this mystery.” After the reading I got in touch with my friend, explained what had happened, and we now both agree that, there are grey areas in astrology, and this is one of them. For this very interesting topic, we only allow the major aspects, ‘normal’ recognised allowances, and just the usual planets, we do not include Chiron and the like. That is our ‘ruling’ for unaspected planets. Since this incident we have both come across other extreme cases of planets being unaspected in a person’s chart, and how it can totally change the flavour of the individual. An absolutely fascinating topic.

Do you feel you may have an unaspected planet? Or just keen to know? Send me an email with your date, time, and place of birth, and I’ll report back.

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