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Mismatched Couples

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How many times have you said about someone you know "What on earth does he/she see in him/her?" We are not talking about looks, but more so the person's character. So many people go off with totally the wrong person, even to the point of them being unreliable or unstable. The coupling seems so obviously wrong to we, the onlookers, yet these particular people keep making the same mistakes with people of the opposite sex. As often as not their actions are caused by an astrological common denominator: a negative influence between Venus, the planet of love, and Uranus, the planet of disruption and unorthodox behaviour. When Venus is either squared or opposed by Uranus in a chart these consequences of mismatching are all too often the result.

This planetary aspect causes these otherwise fine people to be totally lacking in any sort of common sense when it comes to choosing partners, and in some of the cases I have witnessed (due to further aspects being involved) the consequences have been horrendous. When the two planets make positive aspects to each other – the conjunction, trine, or sextile – it seems that partners chosen, or at any rate the origins of the relationship – are merely unconventional, unorthodox, or unusual. Nothing wrong in that, in fact positive aspects between Venus and Uranus can be dramatically electrifying, but with the negative aspects there really is some terrible choices made. The problem is that ALL Venus-Uranus contacts create an electric excitement that make the person want more, but with challenging connections, these electric vibes can soon lead to major problems of incompatibility.

A friend of mine was absolutely devastated a few years back when his former girl friend shot off with a really immoral guy who just so happened to be rather ugly too, rubbing salt into the wound. As well as a tight Venus-Uranus opposition being evident in her chart, a couple of other things stood out also, intensifying the situation further. At the time she was financially in dire straits and this wrongful chap was wealthy. In fact he used his money to try and win admirers, having no natural charm to help him. Partly the reason he succeeded was because this girl had Venus in Capricorn. People with this placement can put material things before true love and romance, even to the point of marrying solely for reputation or material security, assuming that with enough money, they will in time eventually grow to like – let alone love – their partner. Think again! And in this particular case, what made matters even worse, was that the girl also had Mars in Scorpio. This strong placement gives a person an incredible ambition when they are faced with a challenge or they set their mind on achieving something – or someone. They usually get what they set out to catch. Unfortunately Mars also rules the sex drive and Scorpio is the sign of passion, so with all these combinations and her innate desire to break free from a life of frugality, it also explained why she could even consider making love to such a horrific man. There are other challenging factors in her chart as well, but the overriding influence was the Venus-Uranus opposition to allow her to even make the move in the first place.

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