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Venus in Aquarius

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It is often said that Aquarius is the sign of extreme aloofness, that despite the very outgoing, gregarious outer nature, these people can switch off from a relationship just like that, almost on a whim, as if the partner is of insignificance. This is not strictly true - yes, it is an Aquarian trait but it all depends on the rest of the chart. Plenty of sentiment and warmth elsewhere in the chart will largely override this. However, when someone has Venus in Aquarius (regardless of their Sun/Moon/rising signs) then this trait will very likely show in their nature.

It is said that this placement contributes more of a magnetic, glamorous attraction than any other. This is of course excellent but can bring about false hopes and wishes with their partners whom only too soon realise how unattainable the person may really be. For despite this magnetic attraction, Venus in Aquarius is a very detached placement indeed. People who get to know them intimately will find it a confusing side to their nature that is otherwise so bubbly and warm. They can appear very detached emotionally, maybe feeling more at home with a group of people than spending time alone with partners. Freedom is absolutely essential to them – possessiveness and clinging they cannot deal with at all. It could even be that friendships are more valuable to them than partnerships, and for this reason they themselves are maybe best suited to Aquarian people or at any rate those with a strong dose of Aquarius in their chart. However, the more I deal with Venus in Aquarius people as friends, the more it becomes clear to me that even as friendships there is a difficulty that arises from this detachment that they possess. Something is missing, even as friends. They can cut you off – just like that.

We are only what we are and therefore it must be difficult for everyone who has Venus in Aquarius to envisage what it is like to be on the receiving end of this strange detached aloofness. One minute they can be loving and impassioned, the next strangely aloof. Believe me, it is not pleasant to the recipient and certainly leads to confusion and feelings of uncertainty, not knowing quite where they stand. If you are one of these people, all you can do is be aware of it: you cannot change your Venus sign, therefore cannot change this side to your nature. All I am trying to convey is the harm it can cause through no real fault of your own. You think highly of being open and honest, so therefore love must be based on a solid friendship, but again please try to be aware of the capricious Aquarian nature in these matters, for another typically Aquarian trait is their ability to simply switch off and exit a relationship as if it meant nothing to them, regardless of what has gone before. Imagine the hurt that causes, and with Venus, the planet of love, in this notorious sign, this is where there is potential for most damage from this very profound detachment.

Venus in Aquarius is freethinking and gives the person their own definite individual style. A very positive side to Venus in Aquarius is the ability to get on well with practically everyone, regardless of their status or origin, etc. They are likely to have many friends, but also a variety of very different friends. In general terms, they are very sociable and charming, but not necessarily on a personal basis – they truly value their freedom and independence. Their ideas of sexual morality may also be coloured by this highly individualistic sign – sod what the rest think, they have their own interpretations of these issues and will do what they think! And we must not overlook intellectual stimulation – very important to Venus in any of the air signs.

The Venus sign can never be further than two signs away either side of the Sun sign, so the only people who can have Venus in Aquarius in their charts are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries.

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