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About Phil Bowler

Derbyshire born and bred, I have been living in rural Lincolnshire since 1997 with my wife Ros, and we have one grown up son.

In my spare time I enjoy maintaining and relaxing in our one acre garden which is a haven for the butterflies that live and breed there. We are cat lovers, and our two cats enjoy exploring in the garden. I have a passion for good food and even more so for genuine, good quality British Real Ale. Keep taking the hops!


I do not appear to come over as how my sun/star sign is depicted. Is this normal?

This is exactly where astrology gets its bad image from – the concentration on ‘star’ (Sun) signs alone. If you are a female, the chances of your Moon sign (usually different to your Sun sign) coming over stronger than the Sun sign are very likely. In both sexes, the rising sign as often as not portrays your outer character (again, usually different to your Sun and Moon signs). Every birth chart is different and some are extremely complex, whereby a whole blend of signs are dominating. And we are still only scratching the surface......

I am new to astrology. Will I be able to understand my reading/report?

I endeavour to keep the readings as non-technical as possible and am told from many of my clients that the way I put things over is very easy to comprehend. The written reports have a section on understanding the basics of astrology, and on the recorded readings I attempt to keep you involved with the understanding of it as I go along.

How long have you studied Astrology?

I initially set out to disprove astrology as a valuable aid, and it is the realisation that there was indeed something very accurate and useful that led me to research it for myself, which I believe is more pertinent than having masses of astrological qualifications. This realisation took place in the mid-1990s and by the end of that decade I was in a position to embark on my astrological career, having been largely self-taught. It coincided with the New Millennium and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius – very apt.

How long will it take for my report/reading to arrive?

Usually there is about two weeks lead time from receiving your request and payment, to you receiving the report. Postage, printing charges, etc. are included in the price.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, I have many clients outside of the UK, including the USA, Mexico, Australia, Scandinavia, Belgium and Latvia.

Can I buy a reading/report for a present and have it sent to the recipient?

Absolutely. Many people do that, especially with my birth chart character profiles, where they are given as birthday presents, or as gifts for the arrival of a new baby. Just let me know the details and I will do the rest.

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